We design and manufacture process equipment and process lines. We focus on the pharmaceutical, cosmetic, biotechnological and food sectors. We also help to create innovative pilot lines for R&D departments and scientific institutes.

Our team consists of experienced engineers of various specializations. The core of the team consists of chemical and process engineering graduates supported by mechanical and automation engineers.

Many years of experience, modern 3D design software (Solidworks) and well equipped workshop facilities allow us to carry out complex projects.


The Pro-mill team is made up of technologists with extensive knowledge of chemical and process engineering, designers who take care of the mechanical aspects of our equipment and automation specialists who design control systems. Each device is “tailor-made” to the specifics of each installation and specific customer requirements.

When creating our devices, we use advanced calculation tools, such as numerical simulations, which allow us to examine a process under given conditions and, as a result, select the most appropriate device geometry. We also use numerical simulations for strength calculations of our structures.

Our engineers design each device individually according to the provided guidelines and before the production stage begins, they prepare precise visualization and technical drawings so that the customer can verify whether the design meets his expectations.

After the production stage is completed, we carry out a detailed quality control in order to check the conformity of the manufactured device with the project specifications and the precision of our workshop. In the case of devices with a control system, we make a trial start-up in order to verify the correct operation of all systems.


We manufacture devices with our own control systems that meet current directives and standards. The software for our devices is created from scratch by our automatics, taking into account specific customer requirements. We offer both basic and advanced controls with a user-friendly interface. Each program is individually adapted to customer needs and requirements. When creating control systems, we use components from reliable brands, such as Endress+Hauser and Siemens. We make an effort to ensure that the effect of our work is characterized by the highest quality and esthetics.


For each device, full documentation is prepared in accordance with the applicable directives. Each product has it:

  • operating instructions, describing the construction, installation, operation, maintenance and safety instructions for the device;
  • technical drawings showing the structure of the device;
  • a declaration of conformity with the relevant regulations;
  • additional documentation depending on the type and purpose of the appliance.

What makes us stand out?

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Pro-mill dokumentacja
Projektowanie urzadzeń


We design each device taking into account the specifics of a given installation and detailed customer requirements.

Pro-mill projektowanie
Dokumentacja projektowa


We provide full documentation, in accordance with applicable directives and relevant standards.



We create devices with our own control system and our own software.

Pro-mill automatyka


All devices are manufactured in our workshop to the highest standards.

Pro-mill warsztat

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