1 września 2016

Magnetic filters

Magnetic filters

There is a risk in hydraulic systems that some magnetic contamination, coming from the corrosion of iron or steel parts of the installation, may foul the liquid. Even a little of metalic contamination can be damaging for the installation, as it makes galvanic corrosion active site, which generates next iron compounds in the system. In such cases it is necessary to apply a magnetic filter.

Magnetic filters are used for removing magnetic particles. They utilize powerful magnets to trap ferrous sludge. They can be equipped with heating mantle (water, oil, vapour or electrical one) and operate in high viscosity systems.

Our magnetic filters are always designed taking into consideration the specificity of the process. While choosing the best device geometry, the most important are: stream and type of the liquid, if the liquid is chemically aggressive, size and type of the fittings and the predicted amount of contamination.

Magnetic filters are commonly used as the protective filters in the food and cosmetic industry and many others.



Magnetic force:filtr-magentyczny-1-300x201

8 000 GS – 12 000 GS

Operating temperature:

80 ℃ - 350 ℃

Housing material:

– AISI 304;

– AISI 316L;filtr-magnetyczny-2-1-300x271

– others;

Heating mantel:

– electrical;
– hot liquid;
– vapour;

Housing surface:

– glass blasting;
– polishing;
– electropolishing;

Max. operating pressure:filtr-magnetyczny-3-247x300@2x

– 6 bar;
– 10 bar;
– 16 bar;


– thread;
– flange;
– quicklock DIN;
– Tri- clamp;
– Camlock;
– no fitting (device welded directly to the pipeline);