1 września 2016

Industrial mixer

Industrial mixer (pharmaceutical, cosmetic, chemical mixer, emulsifier)

Industrial mixers are used to homogenise temperature, density, etc. of various substances. The choice of the best way of mixing depends on properties of the substances (e.g. viscosity) and process conditions. We use different types of blades to produce a good quality homogenous mixture. There are two types of mixers: high speed mixers (e.g. turbine or propeller) and low speed mixers (e.g. anchor or frame mixer). 

Industrial mixers are used in many branches of the industry, for instance in cosmetics, where the highest quality is required. Cosmetic mixers homogenise solid and liquid or two liquid phases.

Our engineers can design a process of mixing complying to the client’s needs. Basing on the calculations we help in choosing the best mixer geometry and the optimal process parameters.

In case of hygienic mixers, we provide full required documentation, such us Installation Qualification (IQ), Operational Qualification (OQ), Process Qualification (PQ), etc.

Mixers can be equipped with heating mantle (water, oil, vapour or electrical one).

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