19 stycznia 2017

Filtration units

Filtration units

Filtration units are used to filter out variety of liquids in many brunches of the industry. Mainly, they are used for tankers unloading (filtration while pumping) and as the replacement filter while cleaning the regular filter or in case of regular filter breakdown.

Filtration units can be stationary or mobile, depending on the usage. They are usually made of stainless steel, but polymer ones are also available and they are used mostly for acids filtration. Normally, filtration units are equipped with basket strainers or bag filters, which are suitable for the particular substance and required filtration accuracy.

Every filtration unit is designed individually by our engineers, who adjust the device to the specific process.

agregat filtracyjny

agregat filtracyjny












Housing material:
agregaty filtracyjne 2

- AISI 304
- AISI 316L
- polypropylene
- other

Housing surface:

- electropolishing
- polishing
- sandblasting


- flange
- thread
- Tri-clamp
- no fitting (device welded directly into the pipeline)
- quicklock DIN

Technical standards:



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