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Cartridge filters

Cartridge filters

Cartridge filters are used to clean both gases (air, nitrogen, water vapour, etc.) and liquids. Because of their high efficiency, they are commonly used in pharmaceuticals, cosmetics and food industry. They are able to remove solids as small as 0.2 micron and are ideal for polishing liquids to meet stringent requirements.

The candle filter element is cylindrical in shape and can be installed in a single tube or arranged in a group inside of a larger vessel.

Based on specific needs, the elements can be of porous sintered metal construction, multilayer media or candles installed with fabric filter cloth. Solids are removed from the slurry by traditional outside-in filtration. Discharging of the cake in some types of these filters is by the back-pulse method utilizing gas or a suitable liquid.

filtr świecowy

Polymer cartridge filters can have both pleated and spiral wound construction. Pleated cartridges provide high surface area, which leads to exceptional dirt holding capacity. The filter media has graded fibre diameter and density, resulting in progressively finer retention through the depth of the media.

There are also cartridges for gas applications utilizing hydrophobic membrane, which ensures the removal of all airborne bacteria, viruses and bacteriophage. They are steam sterilisable.

filtr z siatki metalowej


Cartridges can be also made of stainless steel. They provide ideal solution in applications where polymer based filters are limited by compatibility, exposure time or combination of high temperature and viscosity. The filters are manufactured in a pleated construction and in a cylindrical wrap. Stainless steel fibres are sintered together into a graded pore structure, which provides exceptional dirt holding capacity while retaining excellent flow rates. They are ideal for aggresive solvents, viscous and hot solutions.

Housing material:filtr-swiecowy-strona-2

- AISI 304, AISI 316L, Titan, others

Housing surface:

- electropolishing
- polishing
- glass blasting


- flange
- Tri-clamp
- no fitting (device welded directly into the pipeline)
- quicklock DIN

Technical standards:



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