20 stycznia 2017



dsc_0858Bioreactor is a device, in which a biological process is carried out, especially on industrial scale. This process usually involves the use of microorganisms, enzymes and biologically active substances. 

Bioreactors are often used in cosmetic, biotechnology and brewing industry. Specificity of these branches require sterility of the device and full control of many process parameters. This is why bioreactors need to be equipped with advanced automation system. 

Bioreactors must have a good degree of mixing of their contents. In biotechnology, the most popular solution is Rushtone's turbine. In order to increase the mixing power, the baffles inside the tank are also used.

The contents of the bioreactor must be aerated. Thanks to the air preparation system, the air is thoroughly filtered.

Our engineers always design bioreactors, which are tailored to the needs of individual process.











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