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Automatic self-cleaning filter

Automatic self-cleaning filter

There is a need to remove solid particles from liquid process media in many branches of industry. The task of the self-cleaning filter is to separate the solid fraction from the stream of contaminated liquid. In this case, filtration takes place on a filter medium, which is a cylindrical slit screen. Accumulated sludge is automatically removed without stopping the filtration process. The device adjusts cleaning frequency to changing amount of solid contamination in the stream of liquid.


Self-cleaning filters can be used as initial (coarse) separators as well as to perform through cleaning. This flexibility is possible due to wide range of available slit sizes – from 30 μm (0.03mm) to 2000 μm (2mm). We offer devices built accordingly to the proces parameters. Our self-cleaning filters can work on flow rates ranging from few to hundreds of cubic meters per hour. Automatic self-cleaning filters can be successfully applied to filtration of high viscosity liquids like pastes, glues and resins. Thanks to world-wide unique shaft seal in the field of self-cleaning filters we can guarantee no leakages. Self-cleaning filters are perfect solution for wastewater treatment plants, factories, waste management and recycling plants. They are useful as technological water filters, process water filters, protection of pumps, heat exchangers and spray nozzles. They can work periodically and continuously.

Working principle

The filter's controller system is contniuously monitoring pressure drop on the filter medium. Automatic cleaning cycle starts after a set threshold of pressure difference is reached. The cleaning procedure starts with scraper moving from the upper side of the split screen down to the dump valve. While moving, the scraper removes the sludge that accumulated on the screen and transports it to the conical part of the filter. After the scraper reaches the bottom of the screen, it returns to its initial position.

In order to remove the collected sludge, the dump valve is opened. Frequency of valve openings is set in the filter's program.


Automatic self-cleaning filters manfactured by Pro-mill are delivered with complete electronic equipment needed for proper operation of the device. Color touchscreen operator panel is mounted on the control cabinet. It allows display or change of working parameters of the filtration unit. Viewing of the process history is also possible. It can also be equipped with industrial communication ports (i.e. Profibus) and share information of its state with an operator in the control room. Uploaded program independently reminds of upcomming services of the device. If the version with automatic valves is chosed – the control cabinet controls the valves as well.



- thread;
- flange;
- Tri- clamp;
- Camlock;
- no fitting (device welded directly into the pipeline);

Technical standards:


Available additional equipment:

- hand shuf-off valves;
- automatic shut-off valves (controlled from control
- additional valve enabling working on underpressure;
- bypass;
- adaptation for EX areas;


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